Our alpaca provide quality warm fiber for custom yarns.

Art at Unity Farm
We think of the orchards, fields and animals as nature's art, but for more on the visual art of farmer Kathy Halamka, visit her website.

Keep up to date with Unity Farm
You can find out how our farm was created, and see the latest news on projects we are working on this season. Every Thursday, farmer John Halamka dedicates his Geekdoctor blog  to Unity Farm.

Building Unity Farm

Small Batch Fruit Preserves

Hardneck Garlic
Alpaca Fiber Products

Our Products

Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms
Heritage Apples for Hard Cider

Here at Unity Farm, the heritage apple orchard is approaching production age for hard cider.  Over 180 blueberry bushes are growing for our Unity Blue Jam, 300 shiitake  mushroom logs are in production,  and the apiaries are the source of honey, mead, beeswax and pollinators.